I am a huge Orchid fanatic! My living room has turned into a botanical garden with different varieties of orchids. I enjoy watching the flowers develop in the unique blends of colors, shapes, and organic patterns.

I have successfully kept my black orchid alive and it is now shooting a new bloom!!! 3 of my other plants are also beginning to sprout new leads! Sadly though, I have had some lose leaves, turn yellow, and saddest, one has a lead but all other areas of the plant have shriveled.

Watching orchids thrive and develop is a metaphor now for a lot of turgid growth I am undertaking. How far are my roots? Deep in the mulch, or lurching out to find new places to connect to? Do I want the grandeur and sparkle of many “flowers” of fruition, or something collective and simple?

If my orchids could talk, what do you think they would tell me about the journey of where they came from, how the growth and process is going, and if they plan to continue to prosper in my dwelling space or if the curtain is about to call?

My orchids instill hope in me every day. I pray I do not over or under attend them, and that our growing relationship of plant and caregiver maintains balance.