Studio practice is an investment in YOU, and you are the best asset you have at the end of the day.

It is estimated that thousands of dollars are spent on unnecessary health care visits and programs due to the lack of focus on high quality nutrition and exercise.

Give yourself the time it takes to grow; doing this you will boost your energy…spark your intuition…open your mind to new horizons… renew your spirit for life…and guide you to your very highest potential in body, soul and in everything you do.

You’ll discover new ways to improve and deepen your yoga practice, keep you freshly inspired, authentically motivated, and at the edge of your growth and on-going transformation. You’ll find greater balance in your life.

Yes, you “could” stay at home and do yoga…with a DVD…with yourself…with a magazine…but how is this working for you?
Yes, you “could” do yoga in a gym…it may smell like a diaper hamper or be devoid of many things, but does this help you reach your highest enlightening point?

For the “magic” on the mat to happen, it is blending aspects of mind, body, and spirit in an environment AND a community that lifts you – the rising tide lifts ALL waves.

Do something to improve your life: you have everything inside of you to feel if something is right for you or not. Nothing can tell you the truth like your own body! Have the satisfaction of feeling good for you!

The mind is subtle, shape-able, and capable of transcending the STUCK to get to a more authentic and liberated place.

Resistance is merely a barometer for how important something is to us. Pain is merely a manifestation of something that has been prolonged through resistance and the abstinence to move through. Stopping short of what is painful is NOT playing your edge. Pain, breaking through pain, and breaking something are each different. The art of the action is balance.