Each time we step onto “the mat” our capacity is challenged. Rather we have an instructor, or it is our individual practice we are creating, overcoming, enduring for transformation, and living the love and ahimsa (nonviolence) in our practice – on and off our mat.

I love the phrase in practice that has been shared with me and that I borrow often of “hurt so good”.  Shaktifying and freeing what is awkward to pause with us in a place of abundant humility, accepting the boundary and raising the ante to get a little deeper, a little closer breath by breath, and a lot nearer to the physical manifestation of that which is stuck is constantly evolving. Problems possibly upgraded, or new lessons yet to be learned. The behavioral patterns that inevitably brought “us” to this place and mucked up the path to the essential self so that we may feel our way authentically allows the Shakti to ignite. If you remove the stick long enough – this is true ecstasy.

I love a great class where you have a fantastic tour guide who can speak your language and deliver you to this place effortlessly – it is the easy button truly. When I travel though to the beach- my happy place – I like silence, no guide, just happening by ease in pure existence. I love to find my own inner compass in Prana to this oasis of essential in or out of class. The breath is my navigator – it is wise beyond comprehension. Shallow at first, soft, quiet, and then once in process bellows, scruffy, significant, it is what unveils the path.

Feeling authentically is not always Candy Land. There is negativity in my inner Molasses Swamp amidst small victories deep in release. Harry S. Truman refers to “intense feeling too often obscures the truth.” As we come into these intense feelings, this is the ultimate test to uncover your roots and be present. I fork in my feelings by asking the internal “and then what else”…”good, great, and then how else do you feel” becoming my own coach or psychoanalyst. As much as I like to say “thank you Monkey Mind” and go on, my monkey has feelings that deserve to be un-caged and released. Sweat is great, dirty, and cathartic.

I digress. Friday was amazing. I shaktified. It was simple yet complex. The look my liver made when I came into the gravity of myself spoke a novel. We may forgive but we never forget. As the fire in my face and heart dictate, I am present in my transformation. Confucius says: When we see persons of worth, we should think of equaling them; when we see persons of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves; this I did.

Later that day, I created. My heart was connected. The evening was completed with an amazing date night. The Universe heard my call for Shakespeare’s…mmm. There is nothing like extra sauce, watching vampire lore with one’s loved one.

Saturday was powerful. A lesson in peacocking. We got down; we eased in and colored outside the lines. I feel that flying is best when you see like-minded friends jumping out of the nest in the “V” or in our case rumps in the air and feathers on display!

The afternoon was a whirlwind of great friends, company, retail therapy, and a double date night. This weekend I hit the jackpot! True character comes out when one is drunk – according to Charlie Chaplin a man who barely spoke! We were in amazing company and the evening just kept getting better: friends, sushi, comedy, and dueling pianos ending with hockey puck 7:3 and pokey sticks food comas.

Sundays are sacred. 100% of Bhakti to the higher power. January was the beginning of my pilgrimage where I go to numerous institutions, religious houses, and mi amigos yoga studios to embark in the continuum of IN-SPIRITation. In service this morning so much came together in an intriguing sermon regarding the danger of urban legends “God helps those who help themselves” Aesop Fables circa 6BC. Genesis 16, development of girls to womanhood, and super-bowl mishaps were woven together under the theme of waiting. The question boils down to whose’ voice are you listening to? Drawing upon what, why and how in achieving a promise or deep hearts desire we are met with the truth that God will never let you down, be forever faithful. We need our why to be the lesson of learning humility not in the power to fix our self-trust or self-dependence, but to be disciplined, take action, and have patient trust to be in the world but not of it. Amen=truth.